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How to Find Your Perfect Sunglasses

How to Find Your Perfect Sunglasses

Finding a good pair of sunglasses requires balancing function with the appearance of the frames. If one of these aspects is wrong, you'll be dissatisfied and soon find yourself seeking a new pair. Here are some of the things we at L.P. Britt PA in Tupelo believe that you should focus on:

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Prescription or Non-Prescription

If you need vision correction, it makes the most sense to have your prescription ground into your sunglasses as well as your clear lenses. This way, you won't compromise your visual acuity when you need protection from the sun's rays. Most, but not all, sunglass frames will work with prescription lenses. Those who don't need a prescription should be aware that there are still many remaining lens options to consider, as detailed later.

Face Shape

People with round faces can usually wear any style of frames and look fine, but this isn't the case with other face shapes. It's a good idea to check a frame suggestion chart so you can zero in on the ones that will look the best on you right from the start. We have a handy post with much more information about this here.

The Lenses

Lenses for sunglasses aren't limited to darkening the view. They can be made in several different colors and tint levels. You can also get a plethora of coatings to enhance them, such as anti-reflection, polarization, mirror finishes, blue blocking, and anti-scratch. Some lenses will even change from clear to tinted depending on their exposure to UV light.

In all cases, your glasses – both sunglasses and clear ones – should include UV light blocking capabilities. UV light can cause a variety of eye problems, so it's worth it to get glasses of sufficient quality to include this feature.

Contact Our Local Eye Doctor Today!

To find out if you should have prescription sunglasses, start by getting an eye exam from our optometrist in Tupelo MS. If you already know, just come into our optical shop here at L.P. Britt, PA in Tupelo and pick out your favorite frames and lens options!


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