Your Optometrist in Tupelo, MS Provides Comprehensive Glaucoma Care

As we age our eyes can develop different conditions that can become serious and lead to decreased vision. Our team is here to diagnose, treat, and manage your care to help you protect your vision for as long as possible. If you have a family history of glaucoma or are over the age of 66 you may be at risk of developing this condition. Our staff provides comprehensive glaucoma to our patients in the greater Tupelo area and can effectively diagnose, treat, and manage this condition.

diagram explaining how glaucoma works

Common Causes and Symptoms of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is typically caused by increased pressure on the eyes which gets worse as time goes on. Common symptoms include blurred vision, seeing halos around lights, redness in the eye, the appearance of a hazy eye, and eye pain. In the earliest stages of glaucoma, there may not be any noticeable symptom, which makes regular eye care, especially after the age of 40, critical. 

Are You at Risk of Developing Glaucoma?

The greatest risk factor for developing glaucoma is hereditary. If you have a family history of this eye condition, be sure to maintain regular vision care as you age. Early detection can make a lot of difference in the level of eyesight that you can maintain. The earlier that glaucoma is detected and treated the less likely you will be to develop significant loss of vision.

Glaucoma Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management by Your Optometrist in Tupelo MS

Our regular eye exams include a test to detect glaucoma. And with an early diagnosis, our treatment can be even more effective. If you already have this condition, we can also help you to effectively manage your glaucoma. Our staff is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care to our patients in the Tupelo area. If you suffer from glaucoma or are experiencing some of the common symptoms of this condition please make an appointment today.

Currently, there is no cure for glaucoma, but with early detection and comprehensive treatment and management, we can help you to maintain your vision and keep your condition from worsening. Our staff is here to provide the support and care that you need in your glaucoma treatment.

L.P. Britt PA, Your Optometrist in Tupelo MS, is Here to Help you Manage Your Glaucoma

If you have glaucoma or are genetically susceptible to the disease, the staff at L.P. Britt PA Family Optometry are here to help. Please call our office today at (662) 844-3436 to schedule an appointment. Our office is conveniently located at 2270 West Main Street in Tupelo.


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